Salaam! I’m Naveen


I started painting Islamic Calligraphy 9 years ago when I first started combining Abstract Art with Islamic Calligraphy. My art is a visual reflection of the beauty of Islam. After learning Arabic Calligraphy professionally, I wanted to pour my ideas out on a canvas and that's when my journey started. After years of making art for my clients, charities and workshops, I have compiled my simple techniques which you can learn and perfect to create your very own masterpieces. My goal is to empower the Muslim community to revive and preserve Islamic Art to spread its beauty and pass it to our future generations.

The most exciting part of this journey is to see where your creativity will lead you as you explore the world of Islamic Art, one painting at a time.

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How to Paint Islamic Calligraphy for Beginners.


From Inspiration, to Materials, to Painting. We're going to go through each step to turn a blank canvas into a beautiful piece of Islamic Art. 

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